Opening of my clinique August 15 in Malmö, Sweden

Dharaling/ juli 24, 2021/ Okategoriserade/ 0 comments

I’m very happy to be able to meet clients live now in my own little therapy, coaching and massage temple in Malmö. I will be offering breathwork and bioenergetics, therapy for couples and inviduals as well as transformational coaching and massage sessions. There’s also courses for couples and beginners in Nonviolent Communication on the schedule.I give everyone who books and

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Holidays with the family

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A challenge or a blessing? Or perhaps a bit of both. During these times it has been quite intense for some of us, being closer to our family can make old stuff come up to the surface. And during the holidays if you’re lucky enough to spend time with your original family, old patterns or behaviors can kick in strongly

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Calm & Strength thru Breath – Online Sessions

Dharaling/ april 12, 2020/ Okategoriserade

In these times where so much is different and might be very challenging at moments, the breath is an important key and support for staying grounded in the present moment, in the body. With the help of our breath, we can heal, strengthen and get clearer and calmer when we need to. It’s our own super power when used in

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