Holidays with the family

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A challenge or a blessing? Or perhaps a bit of both.

During these times it has been quite intense for some of us, being closer to our family can make old stuff come up to the surface. And during the holidays if you’re lucky enough to spend time with your original family, old patterns or behaviors can kick in strongly and sometimes it can be overwhelming and difficult to keep the inner balance and remain in our center and power. So here’s what you can do for a change.

When feeling triggered – take some space alone, sit down. Start breathing thru your open mouth. Relax your jaw, your shoulders and your belly. Allow everything to just hang relaxed, breathing deeply. Feel where in your body you feel a tension or even a pain and let the breath go to that place. You can hold a hand there and sense the breath as it reaches there. Feel how you are here for yourself in this moment. Whatever caused you to feel stressed, right now you’re here, showing up for yourself – and breathing. Allowing everything to be there as it is. Meeting it. Nothing else you need to do right now.

After a while when you feel calmer, listen to that space inside and ask yourself what would be most of service right now for you to do. What would be really loving towards yourself (and in the end towards your family or close ones as well)? Then as you keep on breathing, maybe you’d like to stand up and just allow your body to sway and move a bit with the breath, you listen for an answer. It could be something very simple or something drastic. Then see how you can put that into action and actually give it to yourself.

All it takes is to get still for a few minutes. You tune in, you breathe and you connect and listen inwards. It’s a simple tool and so effective and you can do it.

Wishing you a beautiful and love filled beginning of 2020!

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