2021 – Breathing into presence and passion within

Dharaling/ januari 10, 2021/ Okategoriserade/ 0 comments

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May this be the year where you really come into your body, where you connect and ride with your breath – allowing it to take you into deep presence, into feeling life here and now.

How can you create more time and space for your body to bloom and melt into ease and relaxedness so that pleasure can find its way?

One way is to set off a few minutes each day where you connect with your breath, breathing all the way to your sex center, filling your belly and heart on the way down there, relaxing into your knees, letting the belly hang loose, relaxing the jaw, the shoulders. Swaying a bit. Letting go of the control for a moment. Connecting to your own self, to your own body. Breathing fully, bathing in presence and the feeling of letting go. Sensing the power in you, your center, the uniqueness with You. Just a few minutes. It will be so rewarding.

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