Calm & Strength thru Breath – Online Sessions

Dharaling/ april 12, 2020/ Okategoriserade

REMEMBER TO BREATHE: Three simple words that draw in calm | The ...

In these times where so much is different and might be very challenging at moments, the breath is an important key and support for staying grounded in the present moment, in the body.

With the help of our breath, we can heal, strengthen and get clearer and calmer when we need to. It’s our own super power when used in a way that allows it to work with us and for us.

Bioenergetics and breath work is an amazing way to find back to our inner resources and calm, force and clarity, becoming ready for what life brings us.

Warmly welcome to contact me to book or to know more about how a session can look like. I use various tools in my work, and the breath is key.

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