Tantric Breath for Couples

A couples session can be a beautiful opportunity to dive into the sensual realms of breath together. It usually is a deeply rewarding investment to take the time to land and meet each other that close. I will be guiding you into a practice that you forever bring with you into your own private space to explore further.

A tense body inhibits relaxation, pleasure and intimacy. Breathwork and bioenergetics can pay off a billion fold in the domain of sexual expression as well as the capacity of intimate depth and connecting authentically from the heart.

When the breathing is shallow, which it usually is, it limits the amount of feeling – both emotionally and bodily. Breathwork helps us to locate and step by step dissolve breathing blockages, chronic tensions, and inhibitions to authentic self-expression.

It is here that breathwork can be so key in erotic and intimate meetings, the ability to establish and sustain the energy of pleasure within the body thru our own breath. Breathwork can help us become more present in the meeting, being more available to ourselves and each other.

Tantric Breath specifically can open a whole new world of what is possible to explore and experience together in terms of love, intimacy and sexuality. It can be a potent portal to your couples strength thru vulnerability and authenticity.

Tantric Breath for couples can be combined with my Tantric Relating or Couples therapy as well.

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