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I have passionately worked with bioenergetics, tantra and coaching for 13 years. I love all kind of experiences that get us deeper into the richness of our bodies.
In my work I use bioenergetics, dance, touch, breath and various tantric exercises to dive deep inside.
I’m trained in bioenergetics at the Namaste Center in Brazil and at the Humaniversity, Holland.
My base is in Malmö, Sweden and I give groups, workshops and sessions for individuals and partners around the world.

Warmly welcome to contact me to book sessions or arrange a weekend group with me where you live.

Jeanina Dhara Milehag

2 reaktion på “About Me”

  1. Dear Jeanina Dhara

    I am pleased to see your web side. I really like to participate in your course Melting deeper. But I unfortunately just Can’t.
    Do you have plans about making a mix again, tantra, bioenergic, dance, breath etc.
    Do you have a mail list to sign me in. I would love to know when you are doing something like this.
    your’s sincerely
    Tine Grandjean

    1. Hi Tine, thank you for your post.
      I will come out with a new schedule late summer, so please check in again. I will add you to my mail list meanwhile.
      All the best,
      Jeanina Dhara

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