Coaching – accessing your own inner knowing


I use deep listening, mirroring and inquiry to create a safe space for my clients to pause, take a breath and notice what is really happening in them right now. From this more peaceful place they can discover their own next steps. When the body and mind relaxes it’s easier to access the inner knowing and guidance.

My approach encourages clients to be vulnerable enough to access the courage and curiosity they need to be fully present, face reality, embrace all their experience without judgement, and make the most of their opportunities. Challenges make it more difficult for us to be present, yet it is only when we are truly in the moment, honest with what we experience, that we can act effectively and in a direction that serves us.

These one-hour sessions generally take place on a weekly basis and are coupled with practical exercises. They are offered either as one-off explorations or in blocks of 5 to 10 sessions.

There are also longer program that run from three to six months.

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