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CONNECTING HEART TO HEART – Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Basics for Couples

Location: Skåne, Sweden – spot will be announced later
Date: October 10, 2021
Time: 12.00-16.00

Cost: 3000 SEK/couple

Do you and your partner long to understand each other better? To ask for what you want with more ease and clarity?

This workshop is for you who feel ready to transform your communication skills and learn how to communicate and listen with empathy and courage. Opening for really hearing each other’s longings and hearts, without giving up your own.

NVC is a really practical and simple model of how to express yourselves and listen to one another without judging and claiming who’s right or wrong.

In this afternoon you will learn and practice the basic skills and principles of NVC, leaving you with a foundation for authentic, empowered and connected communication.

This workshop will help you:

  • Cultivate empathy
  • Enhance your vocabulary of feelings and needs
  • Speak and listen from your heart
  • Make empowered requests
  • Navigate conflicts with more effectiveness (and prevent many of them!)
  • Recognize when and how to take a break from difficult conversations without harming the connection
  • Understand your own and your partner’s needs better so you can find strategies that truly work for both of you

NVC skills and principles taught will support you and your partner to move out of the blame game into heart-centered connection. It’s a way to spend less time fighting and more time connecting.

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Tantric Breathwork and Dance at the Tantra Festival in Ängsbacka

For the last week of July I’ll be at the Tantra Festival offering a few different workshops where the focus is on the breath, presence and showing up to what is. I’ll be happy to meet you if you are around. <3


MELTING DEEPER – Sex & the Heart
Osho Risk, Denmark
9-12 of June

Warmly welcome – back or for the first time, to a weekend with the focus on MELTING DEEPER and surrender, by getting in contact with our heart and sexuality and opening for a flow between them.

These days will be an invitation to melt and surrender deeper into ourselves as well as opening up for more trust and relaxation with others. There will be an inner focus as well as possibilities to mirror yourself in others through meditation, dance, tantric excercises – and lots of bioenergetics.

We’ll be using bioenergetics to unfold and release physical and emotional blockages that are in the way for us to live a life as grounded, inspiring and flowing as we wish. When we are at home in the body and hear ourselves, feel ourselves more, it’s easier to create the life we desire and to live our truth from our own inner guidance, longing and wisdom.

The heart and chest stand for love. Our fear of pain and rejection closes the heart and chest. It can show physically in different ways, as well as emotionally. Using a variety of exercises where the chest and breath are in focus, will give more space for the heart in order to allow it to open up and release the pain and longing long hidden in the chest, which prevented our love from flowing . When a stagnant energy begins to get moving and expressed, it can flow throughout the body which expands our ability to feel pleasure, satisfaction, creativity and love.

Sexual energy is life energy, creative energy. All the frustration, fear and guilt that we experience in our sexuality and in our lives leave imprints on the body, especially in the pelvic region. The inability to breathe fully and deeply is one of the main blockers for us to achieve full sexual satisfaction. We will focus on exercises that help to dissolve armour around the pelvis to open and clear the channels of our sexuality.

June 9 at 20.30 – June 12 at 17.00 
Course price: 1.920 Dkr (260 €) plus 360 Dkr (49 €) per day for food & accommodation.
Deposit 600 Dkr (82 €). Book now.




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