Bioenergetics – Breathwork

When we get more grounded and in contact with our body, we feel and hear ourselves more. Then it becomes easier to make choices based on how we truly feel instead of going on repeat based on old patterns and automatic behaviours.

Bioenergetics is a powerful therapeutic tool to dissolve our emotional blockages . These locks are like a bodysuit of armour, a shield we have used to avoid feeling disappointment and pain. Often, this protection has been with us since we were kids, when we were taught to hold back emotions like sadness, anger, sexuality and joy. And our bodies have since taken the form of these blocks.

Bioenergetics uses our breath and various specific exercises to release repressed and blocked energy to allow our own energy to flow freely. As a result we become more authentic and spontaneous, our body, emotions and mind can respond to any situation from our own truth here and now, instead of following old automatic patterns.

Alexander Lowen developed bioenergetics, based on studies of Wilhelm Reich. Lowen found that suppressed and unexpressed emotions create a big stress for our muscles and as a result using and wasting a huge amount of energy from our own vital system. Eventually these tensions begin to block essential emotions such as love, sexuality, joy, pleasure and relaxation.

For the body to keep emotions repressed, it’s necessary that we diminish the intensity of our breathing. In that way the body automatically gets shaped in a way that it locks up. Even if you we don’t want to block our lust, we automatically do because of all the times we did it in the past, especially as we grew up.

Through these discoveries Lowen created several exercises mainly using a full breath together with specific postures and body movements. They are designed to release and disarmour the muscular structure that was shaped on order to hold back and repress our feelings. And thus these feelings can get released through crying, expressing anger, body movements, catharsis and other forms of expression. This will bring a very strong relief and relaxation to our body, and as a result we get more grounded and in contact with the here and now. And when we feel and hear ourselves more, it’s easier to chose the life we want to live and what is important and essential for us.